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Want to Study in Australia? Read Our Tips to Maximize your Chances!

Want to Study in Australia? Read Our Tips to Maximize your Chances!

It’s time to study abroad! You’ve made the preparations to move and continue your educational career in Australia. You’ve chosen where you’ll live, your institution of choice, and packed your bags to begin your newest adventure. Merely one more task to complete before you’re completely ready: Student Visa Application.

A daunting task, but one that, with some great pieces of advice, you can manage. Here at Mr. Migrate, we have prepared a couple important tips that will make the application process easier and stress free!

Choose the Institution Best Suited for You

Before you even begin the application process, make sure that the institution you have chosen to study at supports your overseas enrollment. To get a Student Visa your place of study must be registered with CRICOS: the ‘Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.’

We are sub partners with a range of educational organisations throughout Australia and can provide you with a range of options in your visa and study options.

CRICOS registered institutions are institutions that have been approved to teach to overseas students. Without the proper approval, your institution may not be able to help you in the application process. You can find out if your place of study is registered here!

Choosing your course of study is also an important step before applying. You must be registered in a three-month-long course at a level of education from Primary school, short course, or Intensive English Language courses to Vocational/training course, higher education, or post-graduate courses.

Research your institution to see if it matches all these requirements and to find out what their application process is as each school may have different requirements.

Get All Your Documentation in Order

Applying for a visa requires you to be up to date on all your documentation! You may be asked to prove claims that you make in the application process. Student visa applications are no different. In order to be approved for a visa, you must meet a number of requirements and provide the documents along with each claim.

The required records you will need include but are not limited to:

  • Health Insurance – You will be required to have health insurance as long as you are living in Australia. This is to cover any medical expenses you may meet while living abroad. Your institution may cover this, or you can choose your own provider.
  • Health Examination – Along with insurance, you will need to prove that you are up to date on your health check. You can find more on what you need for your health examination here.
  • Confirmation of Enrollment – Your CoE will prove that you are enrolled in the institution you are claiming to be attending. Get this before you start the process of applying as it may take some time to arrive to you.

Revise and review!

Once you’ve gathered all your documents, researched and enrolled in your institution, and packed your bags – you’re pretty much ready to go!

And don’t worry, while the process is scary, but you’re not alone. At Mr. Migrate, we have an excellent team that is ready and able to offer you the best advice and help to make the Student Visa application process as smooth as possible! Contact us at [email protected] today!

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