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New Parent Visa – Out Now!

New Parent Visa – Out Now!

Parents or grandparents of current Australian citizens looking to move on a temporary basis to Australia, you’re in luck!

From July 1st, 2019 is the new Australian Parent visa which will allow current Australian citizens to sponsor their parents and/or grandparents for a temporary 3-5 year visa.

This will only be a temporary visa and must be sponsored by the children who have active citizenship in Australia. You will have to renew it every 3-5 years depending on the visa you apply for initially. Any children looking to apply for Sponsorship Approval to sponsor your parents should apply soon to get the application process rolling!

Who can apply for the parent visa?

In order for you to be granted a parent visa, you must fit the following requirements:

  • Biological/Adoptive/Step-parent of an Australian Citizen – If your child who is sponsoring you is your biological or legal child, then you are able to apply for the Parent Visa.
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident – Your child must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident in order to sponsor your visa. If they are an eligible New Zealand citizen then they are also able to sponsor your visa.
  • Two parents maximum – Only two parents are able to be sponsored at one time. They will be able to live out the extent of the visa. If you hope to sponsor a third parent, you will need to wait out the term of the visa.
  • Proper documentation – You must be able to provide up to date health checks, insurance, and financial access in order to meet the requirements.

Check that you have everything required before applying. Applications for the Australian citizen to be an active sponsor must also be filed before the visa can be granted. If you do not have everything in order you may have your application rejected with no refund which can be an expensive loss.

What do you need before applying?

To be considered for a parent visa you will be required to provide proof of documentation. The required documents you will need are similar to that needed for most Australian visas. As the parent sponsor, you will be expected to meet the following requirements through the duration of your parent’s visa:

  • Financial sponsorship – As the sponsor of your parent you will need to show that you’re able to provide for them financially over the course of their visa.
  • Paying health debts – You will be responsible for paying any health debts your parent incurs with the Australian government.
  • Keep up to date with documents – You may be asked to provide the government with further proof of claims or newly required documentation. Respond in a quick manner as failure to do so could result in a withdrawn parent visa.

Once your parent’s visa time is up, the sponsor will no longer be held responsible for these aspects unless they go for a renewal of the parent visa.

Have everything in order before applying for your visa. Your future in Australia starts now!

Apply for your sponsorship approval quickly and get the process rolling on your parent visa.

Here at Mr Migrate we have handled a great number of parent visa applications, contact us now for an obligation free discussion to find out more about your options in having your parents in Australia!

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