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Changes Coming Soon to the Partner Visa Process

Changes Coming Soon to the Partner Visa Process

Changes are coming to the Partner Visa application process, making the process likely more strict with approval of a sponsor before a partner visa lodgment– what are they and what is our advice?

With the new Migration Bill recently passed in parliament it is important to know that there will be a few added steps in the process to obtaining your Partner Visa. With this new bill, sponsors of the applicant will need to submit a separate application that must be approved before the Partner Visa can be applied for.

While no one really knows when these changes will happen, we do know they will occur soon and without very much warning. Visa applicants who are applying whilst living in Australia will see significant impact as the bridging visa would no longer be granted as quickly as you would have once had it received.

Our best advice to someone looking to apply soon: Apply ASAP!

How are Partner Visas Currently Obtained?

Currently, you must submit a form online and provide identity documents, evidence of relationship, financial records, etc. It is then up to the sponsor to fill out a sponsorship form and provide the relevant and requested data.

A relatively simple process at present!

It even provides a bridging visa to applicants currently residing in Australia. This is referred to as a Bridging Visa A (BVA) and allows the Partner Visa applicant to live in Australia while their application goes through.

What Changes are Coming?

Those who are awaiting approval of your Partner Visa may need to lodge another valid form of visa. Otherwise – you might be required to move overseas while awaiting your application.

It is currently speculated that no bridging visa will be granted under this new bill, or it may take longer to obtain (if at all) for applicants currently living in Australia. Along with this, Medicare may be withheld as well as full work rights in some cases.

We Are Here to Help!

First and foremost – Apply for your Partner Visa as soon as you can.

The Partner Visa process can be complex and confusing. Missing small bits of information or failing to submit the proper documentation can result in application refusal and no refund. It’s scary… We know. But you aren’t alone!

Here at Mr. Migrate we will provide expert advice and construct a helpful path to navigate the process as easily as possible. Contact us at [email protected] today and get your Partner Visa path started.

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