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About Us

Your Migration Agent

Welcome to Mr. Migrate ‘Expert Migration Agents in Rooty Hill’.

“Migration Made Easy” has been our goal and motto since our founder laid the cornerstone for Mr. Migrate with the first office established in New South Wales.

From many years, Mr. Migrate is a leading international immigration consultancy firm..

Mr. Migrate offers personal ‘Face to Face’ assistance to all our clients, with an emphasis on customer service. Our Migration Agents Rooty Hill has vast experience and knowledge of the immigration process, both to and from Australia and understands your concerns. We operate in all states and territories of Australia and New Zealand and have helped clients from all nationalities and aspects of life. By supporting Mr. Migrate you are helping the World community.

Mr. Migrate’s visa approach

By using Mr. Migrate you maximize your chances of gaining a visa.

Mr Migrate will guide you through the immigration process from start to finish.

With the help of Mr. Migrate’s experts you maximize your chances of obtaining a visa and reduce delays in the processing of your visa.

Success Rate

Mr. Migrate’s extraordinarily high visa approval success rate is a result of our strict company policy of not continuing with applications which will result in failure. A visa application is a major cost in a client’s plans to immigrate to Australia or New Zealand and we create our clients fully aware of their prospect of success at the very starting of our services. We will not proceed with applications that don’t have any prospect of success. Please see testimonials from our clients on our website that congratulate us on the standard and quality of our application.

Services Provided By Migration Agents Rooty Hill

Eligibility Assessment
We provide a close ‘visa success’ assessment based on your completed eligibility assessment data provided.

Prepare and Lodge Visa Application
Following correct assessment of your case, we’ll provide you with an up to date listing of the documentation needed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for the precise Visa you’re applying for. Once all of your documentation and evidence is received our extremely experienced agents will compile your application. Our expertise makes certain that we lodge ‘decision ready’ applications assuaging the requirement for requests for additional information at the same time avoiding unnecessary delays with the process of your applications.

Regular Updates
Our company guarantee to all our clients is to stay them informed at all times by email and phone when matters regarding their application arise.

Clear instructions
Clients receive a close set of step-by-step directions including all documents needed, templates and any supporting proof we may need to finish your application. We are happy to organize translations on your behalf.

Our visa candidates receive personal service from Mr. Migrate, wherever candidates are treated as people and not even as numbers. Over the time that we’ve provided visa services in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve received several notes of thanks for our personal service from happy visa recipients.

By directly responding to queries from our visa applicants concerning their personal situation we offer a degree of personal comfort and security, while your application progresses.

By providing help to Visa candidates when issues that lie outside the visa application itself arise, we further smooth the Immigration expertise. Our relocation brochure answers several of the queries that our clients have with reference to their overall relocation.

Through the direct personal contact that Mr. Migrate’s registered agents offer, applicants have a clear and direct line of communication and know exactly what’s happening in their case as soon as it happens.

To ensure an expert service for your application, Mr. Migrate has a dedicated team of agents, Fellow of the Migration Institute of Australia (FMIA).Most of our agents have more than 10 years of expertise as a Registered Migration Agent on providing exceptional services to our clients.

The DIBP perpetually updates their approval criteria and strength of proof for approving visas and our knowledge gained over 17 years of operating with the Department of Immigration ensures our clients are represented in their best light. Regular news is provided at no cost and our agents are available anytime to discuss special requests.

Our several business clients have acknowledged that operating with Mr. Migrate is straightforward. This simple collaboration arises from future relationships with Human Resources Professionals and a deep understanding of their business needs.

Regular Visa progress news is provided at no cost to our business clients, this keeps them engaged and informed at all times. Due to the length of time we’ve dealt with the Department of Immigration, we’ve a clear understanding of the department’s ever-changing necessities.

Our Mission

A skilled Registered Migration Agent provides you with an objective insight into which Australian visa is the most likely to be approved.

Our Services

We provide professional advice and services in all areas of Australian permanent and temporary migration visas. EXPLORE OUR SERVICES…

Our Principal agent is a registered migration agent and registered lawyer in the state of New South Wales.